CSV-1477 driver it came with did not work; website DL not working/not unpacking

Updated on 25-09-2017 in USB Graphics
1 on 23-09-2017

I decided to buy the Club3d for work use at home and possibly some gaming.  Got the splitter this evening, excited to install it and hopes of getting some extra work done.  Nada! driver came with the mini-cd did not work, gone to website to DL the driver, nada!  Not unpacking and getting error screen tried to unpack numerous times.  Not a good first time experience.  Where can I DL a working driver?

I got CSV-1477 USB 3.0 to Dual DP adapter.

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0 on 25-09-2017

Good day SgtUSMC,

Very sorry dfor the inconvenience
I will have that checked/fixed by the webmaster.
Meanwhile I will have [email protected] send you an email with active link to the driver.

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