CSV-5300H not driving mini hdmi monitors

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I’ve been using a couple of (hdmi)monitors with the MST-Hub CSV-5300H.
The hub works fine with larger monitors e.g. connecting three 21-inch full hd ones.

7 inch HDMI monitors however show a blurry display with a pink line (couple pixels) along the left side, similar to the post at:
Connecting them straight to a DVI or HDMI port works fine.

The EDID received from these monitors also indicates that Windows 10 detects them properly:

  • Pixel clock: 32.00
  • Interlaced: no
  • Active pixels (H x V): 1024 x 600
  • Blanking (H x V): 128 x 45
  • Front porch (H x V): 40 x 13
  • Sync width (H x V): 48 x 3
  • Sync signal: digital separate
  • Polarity: no

Changing the hdmi_drive from hdmi to DVI works for Linux/Raspberry people. (I am using Windows)

Am I right in thinking that the hub forces some HDMI mode whereas these monitors prefer a DVI signal?
Perhaps the timing settings above are not supported via the hub?
Could a firmware (up- or downgrade) potentially fix this issue?

Current hardware (according to label):
Rev.A2-00 FW:0.60.1

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Good day Webia,

The firmware loaded on the MST Hub is the most recent one available, so that is good.
Pelase make sure to use Passive Cable / Adapters to connect the screens to the MST Hub.

I will double chekc if the MST Hub supports 1024 x 600 resolution and or the settigns as listed above, and get back to you.

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