Difference between csv-5200 and csv-6200 + adaptive sync support

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Hi there,

I’m comparing the csv-5200 and csv-6200 and trying to work out the differences between the two products.
The only possible difference I can see is the power source?   Is there anything else I’m missing?

I’m also looking for a 2-port hub that support adaptive sync.  I can see that csv-5300A supports adaptive sync, but do either the csv-5200 or csv-6200 support this?

I’m hoping that I can enable freesync on both monitors that I’ll be connecting the Mst Hub.


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2 on 04-04-2018

Good day FunkyMst,

CSV-5200 and CSV-6200 have the same chip inside so are very similar.
The build is a bit different though,
CSV-5200 the USB cable for power integrated (cannot be disconneted) where hte CSV-6200 has a separate USB Cable.
CSV-5200 has a reaset button on the back which will cause the video signal to be build up form scratch again, CSV-6200 does not have this.
Thats it.
Let me dubble check that Adaptive Sync Support, because I kind of doubt that. I mean these MST HUbs were already here before adaptive sync was …
Will let you know shortly. 

on 06-04-2018

Thanks.  I went ahead and bought the csv-5200, appears that it doesn’t support adaptive sync from what I can see.

I’m also experiencing a strange issue with my monitors not going into sleep correctly.  Rather than go into standby, the monitor screen goes black, but the backlight stays on.

If I connect the monitor directly to gfx card, it will sleep as expected, but when connected via the hub it does not.  

Is this a known issue and it there a fix?

on 09-04-2018

Hi FunkyMst,
I will aks for that to be tested too
Will get back to you soon.

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