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Lee Hammond

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Technically you are right. However a significant percentage of HDMI cables sold as ‘High Speed HDMI With Ethernet’ cable, capable of doing 4K 60 etc, are in fact not delivering what they’re promising. So if it’s a Monster cable, it will surely do what it says. For many ‘white label’ cables from China that doesn’t apply. So a lot of issues reported to us, artifacts on screen for example, are caused by cables not suited for 4K 60Hz. 

For that reason the HDMI organization has introduced a new ‘Premium’ certification program for cables, ensuring that they can do 4K @ 60Hz, BT.2020 and HDR. See: 

So our ‘HDMI 2.0 cable’ is a Premium certified cable, guaranteed to deliver the latest features as mentioned above. 



Hmm, HDMI need to organise their site better!

Anyway, if I was using a crappy Chinese cable I’d change it in an instant.

The cable I bought is covered by the Cable for Life Performance Promise. The reason? They know they wont ever need to invoke it! I sent a support request to them too, just in case and am awaiting a reply. Oh and before anyone calls me crazy for buying a Monster cable, I got it for 90% off at eBuyer, a large (And yes, reputable!) UK retailer. They wanted rid of them so I took advantage!