Backwards compatibility RE DP

Updated on 05-08-2021 in Adapters and Cables
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I am about to buy a Display Port to HDMI adapter, I have multiple laptops with Thunderbolt 2 and about 6 390x GPUs with DP1.2, I also have a B8 OLED.
The perfect looking product is the CAC-1070 which is DP1.2 to HDMI 2.0. However, am I not better off getting the CAC-1080 which is DP1.4 to HDMI 2.0b?
I only have DP1.2 ports, however wouldn’t all these adapters be backwards compatible? Or are they not? My thinking is that The 1080 device should behave like a 1070 device (4k 60 4:4:4) and when I get a new device I should benefit from 4k 60 4:2:0 HDR?

Basically I am asking if these devices are backwards compatible, or are they specifically only for the intention listed as their “maximum capability”? Cheers

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0 on 05-08-2021

The CAC-1080 is backwards compatible yes, but it will be limited in performance by the Source device. So when you are connecting it to a DP1.2 device then it will not support HDR.

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