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update… we have tried & failed to get a 6th screen working. So far we have used 2x CAC-1153

We have moved screens / cables as suggested
On some occasions the 6 screens will all display, but the configuration is changed and less screens activated after a reboot

Things we have tried:
– disabled all screens, bar primary, and then re enabled. All worked ok until reboot. After reboot, config lost.
– different resolutions.
– relocating CAC-1153 adapters to different output ports on the HD 7850
– different AMD drivers – versions 14.12, 14.30 and 14.50
– in native Windows graphics settings and CCC settings. Different error messages but same result … cannot enable 6th screen.

In relation to BIOS & PC this is a brand new Asus H81M-Plus Board

Does anyone have any suggestions other than buying 2 more CAC-1153?

just to restate – I need to extend to 6 displays (ie different content on 6 screens, all acting as one big desktop in a 2×3 layout).
I don’t need EyeFinity or duplication of displays