Dell UP2414Q tiled 4k60 Monitor over HDMI

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Hello Guys, 

I do have a 4k60 capable Monitor, it however uses some sort of obscure protocol “hack” to get enough bandwidth.
The Manual states you need: 

To display 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz, DP1.2 must be enabled and the DP source’s graphics card must be DP1.2 certified with MST feature, capable of supporting resolution up to 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz and its driver supports DisplayID v1.3.

I want to use the monitor on a HDMI2.0 source with 4k60.

The nativ HDMI port also only supports 4K30. Thats why I tried the CAC-1331 adapter but it only runs at 4k30. It seems like the adapter doesn’t recognize the strange multi stream transport protocol that the monitor needs and therefore only sends 4k30 capable EDID informations  to the HDMI source.

I tried “overwriting” the EDID and sending 4k60 over HDMI but that doesn’t work. 

Any idea what I can do to get the Monitor working on a HDMI source?

The monitor supports PBP, so another option might be splitting the incoming 4k60 signal into two 1920*2160 60 signals and then using two inputs into the monitor and letting the monitor combine the signal again. 

Not sure if such a “splitting” adapter even exists.

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If the source only support HDMI 1.4 you will be limited by that port, there is no magic adapter to increase the bandwidth to HDMI2.0.

MST is not needed to turn on 1 monitor. MST is to split the bandwidth of an USB-C Alt mode port or DisplayPort in to 2 3 or 4 displays.

Only solution is a source with HDMI 2.0, or DP1.2a or USB-C Alt-mode.

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The source can do HDMI2.0 / 4K60. 

The monitor is from a timeperiod where the only DP1,2 signal processors availabe where able to do 4k30. So the manufacturers used MST to spilt the panel and use two streams to get 4k60.

MST isnt used to drive a second panel here. 

It essentially requires two displayport streams both being 1920×2160/60 each stream drives one half of the panel. 

The monitor reports that by its EDID. the DisplayID v1.3 standard supports this. 

Standard DP1.2 compatible graphics cards will see that EDID and supply the monitor with two 1920×2160/60Hz streams.

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HDMI doesn’t have MST so there’s no way you’re going to get 4K60 or dual 1920×2160 60Hz signals into the display using HDMI input of the display which only supports 4K30.

The CAC-1331 converts HDMI to DisplayPort SST. It’s not smart enough to create dual 1920×2160 60Hz DisplayPort MST signal from an HDMI 4K60 signal. I don’t think any adapter is capable of doing that. I suppose someone could make an adapter using a sufficiently powerful FPGA.

PBP might be your only chance of getting 4K60. Have you tried it with separate outputs from your PC?
To split a single output from your PC you need some kind of video wall product. Does Matrox QuadHead2Go support splitting 4K60 into dual 1920×2160? Or any other similar video wall product? I don’t know.

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