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Hi Lee,

I seriously doubt the problem would come from the Firmware …

With your TV i think you can best use HDMI Input 2 (the one with ARC).

As for the cable, if this is the one you have

Then it will not be able to give you 4k @ 60Hz I optimal colors, because the cable “only” supports up to 10Gbps and you should have one that supports up to 18Gbps.

Something like this one:

Here’s my standard checklist

* Make sure the HDMI cable you are using can do HDMI2.0 or 18Gbps.

I know it sounds a bit “easy” but many cables do state to support 4K but actually do not support that in 60Hz and/or the full bandwidth, that certainly goes for cables longer than 3 meters. It is always best to go for a certified cable, something like this

* On many TV’s you need to turn on “UHD Color” or “Advanced or Enhanced” setting manually in the settings of your TV for the HDMI port to which your pc is connected.

* Also it could help when connecting 2 screens, to set the screen connected thru the Adapter as second/secondary screen

* I advise you to make a custom resolution, set resolution to 3840×2160 at 60Hz and set Timing standard to CVT-RB (reduced blanking)

* Color Depth need to be set to 8 bpc (when running 4:4:4).

What are the 4K formats supported by the adapter ?

Best regards,