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Aaron – Here is what I ended up doing…

Since I only have one display I am using the minidp on the Surface Book directly instead of the ports on the dock. I am using the dock for other peripherals, no displays attached to the dock. This greatly cut down on the wires coming from every direction and makes docking bearable – two connections vs four or five.

This would be easy for you to do with the SP4. Since I have a Surface Book I had to shave down the side of plastic on the minidp connector in order to make room for the dock connector, because on the Surface Book the dock connector is too close to use both the minidp and dock (without modifying the minidp connector a bit).

Anyway, this works for me since I only have one display. And since I have had the dock for months and can’t return it anymore I feel ok bout the compromise.

Hopefully MS releases a better dock at some point, since this issue is not a limitation of the video capabilities of the Surface laptops themselves (as far as I know).

Good Luck