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[quote author="Paul"]

Nice story Alexandruww2. We can see that you have a very good plan. Good luck in the contest and welcome to Insights.


I was saying that my english skill are not good and I was sure he say that I’m lying and I’m not LOL

I chose to sayd the truth why I need it not like others who have high end cards and lie they have gf 210 xD

People preffer lies,and when someone sayd the truth,they can’t make the difference …

I’m not here to explain myself if haters gonna hate,I’m here to say why I need this and to show I’m confident with Club3D products si ce a long time ago.

If they chose to exclude me from giveaway,thats fine too,I will not be dissapointed and stop buy club3d products,I love CluB3D design and I always search for their aftermarket cooling and design instead of others or refference :).

Club3D,you have a big fan here anyway!

for me r9 270 ’14 series is a best buy 🙂