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So i think i am a gluton for pain and went back in to see what i could learn. I managed to get one of the hubs working with a single monitor. My old syncmaster 226cw. But only part way. The system (both windows display settings ans catalyst cc) says the resolution is 1680×1050 but there is a black bar on the right side of the display of unused pixels and when i use the menu on the actual monitor it says the resolution it is receiving from the computer is 1809×1053 60hz. So the black bar is the extra 130ish pixels width the monitor is being told by something to display, but the windows/ccc are only using the now squished 1680. The native resolution is 1680×1050.

I have tried changing resolutions. These will change without removing the black bar (and the output from the computer detected by the monitor firmware still says 1809×1053. I have tried reinstalling drivers, power cycling, detecting monitors, hitting the scan button on the hub.

When i plug the monitor directly into the computer dp using the mini dp to dp adapter from the hub and the same dp to dvi adapter i was using to the monitor, it is recognized fine with the correct resolutions and refresh in both windows and the monitor firmware menu.

I think this may be why the acer monitors are saying no signal. If they are being sent an incompatible resolution they may not be taking the signal at all.

Any ideas?