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Hi RoyalKing, thank you for your response.

Of course, I have, for now, connected my monitor directly to the card via DisplayPort, since I cannot live without 60Hz, and 1920×1080, and even 2560×1440 really look blurry on this huge 40″ monitor…

But it forces me to use HDMI only for sound, which isn’t the best with compatibility since Nvidia doesn’t allow sound without picture so I have to send out a fake second monitor to my receiver in order to get the amazing sound I have paid for, and it really is a pain.

It also forces me to have to switch inputs on the monitor, when I want to use the receiver only and watch TV or play the PlayStation, instead of just switching on the receiver with the remote and well, it’s kind of annoying too, since the controls on this monitor aren’t the fastest to use.

Of course, i’d gladly sell my receiver and buy me a new one with DisplayPort, but it seems those only come with HDMI 2.0 these days. And it’s a Sony STR-DN860 which really looks amazing in my living room. lol

Thanks anyway for the reply !