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I would recommend a different setup.

Overall AMD cards are “friendlier” for use with multi monitor setups than NVidia.

Your setup will cost about 1050,- € end user price for VAG Card and MST Hubs.

If you choose 2 x Eyefinity 6 card (CGAX-7856M6) end-user price 285 * 2 = 570,- €

You might need some adapter cables (if you did not already), but still much cheaper.

This CGAX-7856M6:

Will generate 6 x mini-DP output on each card and can run 6 x 1080p @ 60Hz.

So with 2 cards you can run a total of 12 screens in 1080p @ 60Hz.

If you let me know the OS and screens (brand / type) I might be able to advise you also on which adapter cables you will need.

Dear club 3D.

Thank you for the reply, the card looks very good. If I would use converters from DP to VGA, how long could I then make the cable? I would need 30Meter, and will be using high quality cable for this.
I would connect the following projector:
(10 of these running on 1024-768)
And will connect one normal 20 inch screen running 1920-1080, with 1,5 meter cable only.

Do you deliver the cards inside Thailand? Or do you know a supplier here? Else might order them in The Netherlands and ship them over myself. Thanks already

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Hi Wesley,


The chance that it will go well is bigger if you would use the HDMI input on the Beamers.

A digital signal will get less signal loss than an analog signal, and they adapter cable is normally also

A bit cheaper. We never tested this with 30 meter cables, but with good cables it should be possible

To go up to 30 meters according to some info I read online.

I would advise you to test with this adapter cable:

CAC-1153 = Mini-DP to HDMI Active Adapter Cable High Quality

We do not have a distributor in Thailand I am afraid.

I do have a contact in Singapore, but he is not having stock on either the VGA Card or the Adapter Cables L

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

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Thanks a lot for the input, I will order the cards from Holland and ship them over. Which converter would you suggest if I want to change DP strait to VGA? Any suggestions?



Hi Wesley,


Mini-DP to VGA Active Adapter Cable would be the CAC-1102:


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