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Hi John,

Here is the list that solves the 2.3

The uninstaller cannot be started in OS X 10.9.5 and 10.10. (17859)

Garageband audio input not available with DL-3x00 devices. (16325)

DisplayPort audio can become inactive after USB cable re-plugs. (17259)

Sometimes the DisplayLink device can fails to read EDID on resume from S3/S4. (17297)

Sometimes monitors connected to DisplayLink device remains blank after resuming from standby. (17453, 17353, 17554)

The Ethernet link should be off when DisplayLink device is disconnected from the host. (17018)

Monitor EDID was incorrectly interpreted, if the monitor id contained an underscore (_). (17606)

DisplayPort++ to DVI adapters can display incorrect available mode list. (17427)

Ethernet UDP performance might drop when playing video and audio over a DisplayLink device. (17579)

Monitor contents not refreshed after replugging USB during sleep. (17488) 

Do any of these issues represent the one you are having?
Please note that you need to use the uninstaller under the displaylink folder to install your current drivers before you install the new ones.
Check after installing if you can do a diskutil/repair permissions in your main hard disk.
Kind regards.