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hi there!

recently my PSU of my Mac Pro died and in the meanwhile i decided to use my Mac mini (2011) with the 30 ACD, so i bought the adapter. Everything gone fine. Maximum resolution, the adapter connected  to thunderbolt and the USB to a wall adapter. Really smooth!

As i had to work on a project i tried to connect the 30 ACD to my Imac (2014). no way! the image comes and go and although the iMac knows a cinema display is, cannot drive it. i tried any combination, both thunderbolts on my iMac, all usb ports, but nothing, the cinema display stays on but no image (as it receives a signal but not enough to wake it up). Wakes up only if i change the resolution but just for 5″. 

So i tried the same on my macbook pro 13 retina (2013) and we have the same problem as the iMac. in between the mac mini had no problem and it was functioning with max resolution.

I thought i would tried the original apple thunderbolt-dvi (single) adapter to the iMac, and the 30″ was there but the max resolution was 1280x. the CAC-1010 without the usb power couldn’t drive it in lower resolutions.

Finally i got from a friend a macbook air (2013) and guess what? same problem. the screen was on but no image and disconnecting the usb the ACD were going off.

so, what’s happening here¿? same ports the 4 devices (TB2), same adapter, same display, same OS

i need a solution!! 






wrong adapter, please delete i will post a new message


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