[REPORT#3133]CAC-1170 + Surface Pro 4 + Surface Dock == PROBLEM

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I’m having an issue that I imagine will be a fairly common one moving forward and I was hoping to get some help/information on the issue.

I purchased the CAC-1170 to use my Samsung un48ju7500 as a 4K@60hz external monitor for my Surface Pro 4(SP4). The TV has a setting called “UHD Color” that when enabled disables all preprocessing and allows 4K@60hz 4:4:4. With this setting enabled and the CAC-1170 connected directly to the SP4’s mini display port everything works perfectly. When I extend my desktop to the TV and check the incoming resolution everything is working perfectly.

However, if I connect the Surface Dock to the Surface Pro 4 and connect the CAC-1170 to it, Windows 10 recognizes the TV as a monitor but extending the desktop to the TV results in a black screen with the Audio making it through only on occasion. If I lower the refresh rate to 29hz (30 won’t work either ) then it will work through the dock.

Does anyone else out there have a Surface Pro 4, Surface Dock, CAC-1170 and a 4K monitor that could test this out as well?

Even better, could the Club-3D test crew provide any information on this issue?

NOTE: When attempting to connect via the Surface Dock there is only one CAC-1170 plugged into it and nothing plugged into SP4’s mDP.

Hoping for resolution,



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