Club 3D CAC-1377 eARC

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Afternoon all,

I need a 10m or 15m cable to connect my new large TV to the amplifier in a cupboard nearby.  All video sources are also in this cupboard and will be 4K HDMI switched by the amplifier.

The TV also has apps like AppleTV, Netflix etc which I want to use and send the audio from the TV down to the amplifier via eARC.

Therefore I need a long HDMI cable which will allow video to come one way (from Amp to TV) and eARC to go back the other way from TV to Amp.

Cables like Club 3D CAC-1377 claim to be eARC compatible, but also state that they are unidirectional.  As I understand it I need a bi-directional cable for eARC to work.

Am I correct or do I miss something?  Otherwise I need 2 cables, one from the TV to the Amp to take Audio to the amp and speakers and another from the Amp to the TV to take the switched video signals from the Amp.

How can a unidirectional cable claim to be eARC compatible?

Thank you

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The TV will still give you an image with or without the CAC-1377. The CAC-1377 will extract the audio from the eARC port to your AMP. The AMP will not output video as far as I know? Or the AMP will not take away the image from the TV. Apps will still work from the TV.



on 17-05-2022

Thanks.  What I meant was:

– The Amp will have other video/audio sources connected to it (e.g. an Xbox).  The Amp acts as a 4K HDMI switcher, taking multiple signals in and then outputting Audio to speakers and sending video out through the Monitor/eARC HDMI connector to the TV.

Case 1: When the XBox is on then the Xbox sound goes to the Amp via HDMI, then the Amp sends the xBox video to the TV via HDMI. 

Case 2: When the TV is used as a source (e.g. AppleTV app) then the video is directly from the TV (doesn’t go anywhere) but the TV is then sending the audio to the Amp via eARC.

In case 1, video is going from the Amp to the TV

In case 2, audio is going from the TV to the Amp

If a cable is unidirectional then in theory this would not work.

Does that make sense?

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This is the Amp:

Denon AVC-X3700H

on 17-05-2022

The TV will be an LG G1 77 inch, 10m-ish away

on 18-05-2022

Ah I see, minor detail about the Xbox ;). Which Xbox is it? (Depending on max resolutions)

Is the Xbox also 10 meters away or is that closer to the TV? Would it be an option to connect the Xbox directly to the TV?

If it is the latest Xbox and it’s (or you want it) 10 meters away, then yes you’ll need 2 CAC-1377s.

Even tho the CAC-1377 is Uni-directional it does support eARC which was the initial question.

If you can move everything closer you might be able to use the CAC-1375 it’s Bi-directional but I guess this is not an option.

on 18-05-2022

Thank you.

Cannot move anything closer unfortunately.

I have done more research and it appears some optical cables use optical for the video but pass other signals (E.g. network and eARC) via copper in parallel in the same cable shroud.


Hence they can claim eARC and yet be unidirectional for video.


I am hoping that is what the Club 3D cable is but have only seen it confirmed for other makes.

The Xbox is a Series X 4K one, but in any case I want the cabling to be 2.1 and 8k compatible for the future.

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