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Hello Club 3D.
My name is Julian, I love your cards they are beautiful and FAST. I purchased 2 R9 290’s (Royal King version) and I love them. They are paired with an AMD 8150 running at 4.25GHZ and 32 GBs of G skill 1866 RAM on an ASUS 990FX Sabretooth GEN3. My cards have a little switch that is not labeled does it do anything or is it leftover from the 290X?
My second question…. Why is their no badging for your cards? I was excited when the cards went on sale for $350.00 so I bought 2!!! My system is housed in a Cooler Master HAFX which has an FX sticker, a G Skill sticker, an ASUS sticker, and  a Corsair sticker. But alas no Club 3D sticker for one of the most powerful components in my build!!! ANYWAY, what does the switch do?