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Hello, I’m Joris from Belgium. 4 years ago I bought the Club 3D HD5870 and I have never ever had any problems with it. The fact that my friend told me Club 3D is a very stable brand was the absolute truth.

I am planning to upgrade to a new computer, and since I’m doing game reviews, level design, modeling, texturing and video rendering I need a beasty computer. I want to have the R9 290X 8GB Royal Ace and since it appears to become out of stock, I will try to do everything to get my hands on a new one, whereever possible. I need that big room of performance for all I do, and I know that only Club 3D is able to give me a warrant that I have had the pleasure to experience for already 4 years now.

I truly hope, that I will be able to find a reseller that still sells the 8GB version (the 295X2 is not an option).