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Hi all I’m Barry an Englishman living in Wales and I hate sheep have you seen their eyes :p anyway I am a massive lover of technology computers mainly my current build is :-

Case : Cooler Master Haf Stacker 935 + 915F
Motherboard : MSI Z97 Gaming 7
CPU : Intel i7 4770K
GPU : MSI R9 280x
RAM : 4 x 4GB Avexir Blitz 1.1 (MSI Gaming Dragon Edition)
SSD : 240GB Crucial M500 (Bought Myself) & 256GB Crucial MX100
PSU : Cooler Master V850 full Modular
Sound Card: Creative Labs ZX
Radiators : EK-CoolStream PE 2x 360 + 240
Fans : 15 x Cooler Master JetFlo 120mm Red LED fans
Fan Controllers: 2x Aero Cool CoolTouch-R
Reservoirs : EK-Bay DCP 2.2 Combo Unit
Fittings : Phobya 90° G1/4″ Thread Compression Fitting for 1/2″ ID – 3/4″; OD (13-19mm) 
Tubing : ½” ID – 3/4″ OD High Flex tubing
CPU Block : EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ Nickel Plexi
Fluid: Pastel Red from Mayhems
Lighting : Dual density RED LED kits, side emitting RED LED kit from TopLEDshop
Braided Cables from SilverStone Technology 

I have a public photo album on Facebook if you feel like taking a look