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Hey Clubbies! I’m Kaitsu from Finland. First computer was 4.77Mhz 8086 with CGA graphics. Been into overclocking ever since i learned that you can solder/cut a ziptie and change the clock generator chip at the tender age of 7-8 =) Therefore every chip generation and model intel produced up until 486dx4’s had a hard knock life inside my computer cases. Switched over to AMD after Pentium III and returned “home” to intel last year when i got a haswell.
Been sticking with ATI/AMD gpu’s since R200 generation. Bought my first Club3d radeon back when they released x800 series. Awesome card =) Rocked it over 3 generations until upgrade to the Club3d 5850 I have now. Been a big fan of first person shooters ever since Wolfenstein 3d and Doom. But that’s enough of me. Merry christmas! How are you guys spending the holidays?