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Hello insighters! Glad to be here. They put my name as Valentine… I must have been a romantic with every bit and byte. For some reason I ended to became a civil engineer ( love to build bridges ), but I can’t do it anymore in my country. I love everything related to IT. Even if I want to learn some programming I still spend more time on fixing electronics. As about Club3D it is a real pleasure to say that I was a proud owner of a 1000 Club3D PSU CSP -X1000CB, from 2012. But I put it on hard work, working every day in a shop. The PSU could it be just fine if there weren’t the “lovely” power blackouts. Until then I had never ever any sort of problems. Silent and powerful. Club3D makes performance.
You can see  here a than and now main pc since the first build with Club3D psu. The only thing that my pc lacks on is a gpu. But since he was kind to me today on Christmas Eve got a clean service.