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Hi to everyone,

I’ve joined as I have just bought a CAC 1151 Club 3d lead-mini display port to dual link DVI active 3D. I did this as having just installed two new GTX 980 graphics cards in SLI, I needed this adaptor lead for my third monitor. It’s just that 3d identical Acer 3d monitors like most 3d monitors seem to use the DVI dual link process and have built in IR emitters for 3d surround instead of display port.  Unfortunately, the GTX 980 is the first of Nvidia’s graphics cards to now only have one DVI output with the rest being [mini]display ports in preparation for 4k. So therefore, I could only connect two monitors and had to buy this Club lead/adapter for the third monitor for multi-monitor display 6160 x 1080.

Funny thing is  it worked with two 680s in SLI as they have enough DVI sockets. But having now connected up with the new graphics cards, this new Club lead is causing problems with 3d surround-doesn’t seem to like it being enabled and in the NVIDIA control panel there is a warning under HDCP status that ‘a repeater is connected and that some video applications do not support HCDP when such a repeater is present.’ Therefore not only am I struggling to get 3d with multi-monitor set up but also my built in blu-ray drive no longer works..

Anyone else had this problem and if so,  how did they resolve it?