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I received an email from 3d Club requesting I introduce my self. My name is Brian from Ringwood UK. I had my system built by Chillblast UK at a time when chips could be well overclocked and I am running an i7 3770K o/clocked to 4.7 in a Fractal Design R4 case with an Asus P8Z77-V mobo and a Corsair H100i water cooler, SSD & 32Gb of  ram. I originally had two GTX 680s fitted running in SLI and 3 Acer 245HQ 3D monitors configured for DVI dual link surround. Some  2 years down the line decided to upgrade the graphics cards to 980s and got two at a reasonable price from Ebuyer UK, having checked with Nvidia that cards that don’t have more than one DVI D connector can be hooked up via a display port with an active adaptor lead like a Club 3d one.

Despite kind help from Paul with the new graphics in 3d surround, I kept getting problems in the Nvidia control panel with HDCP handshake. This affected the bluray drive and gaming in 3d mode: the latter was the picture not being do good. It may well be just an Nvidia card thing and that AMD cards work fine. I hasten to add it wasn’t just the 3d Club lead but other similar active DVI D dual link to DP adaptors like Dell and Apple that cause the repeater problem that identifies a’ repeater’ present in the system that could affect HDCP, it would appear…I overcame the problem by getting Any DVD HD software and this seems to have resolved the issue especially in respect of blu-ray reproduction using Cyberlink players. Palit the manufacurers of the 980s helped by getting me to update/flash the bios on the cards, but to no avail.

The moral, don’t necessarily listen to Nvidia as they couldn’t help me. If you want 3d surround with the appropriate monitors try and find cards with two DVI D sockets..By the way, I am still using the 3D Club adapter lead!