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I’ve been unable to flash to the UEFI using the files provided on the gigabyte support site. Q-Flash always says Bios checksum error. I did however update my BIOS to F12 (the most recent non-UEFI) and did not help the issue at all.

I did however find the Microsoft approach to the issue – I turned of “Show fullscreen logo” in the BIOS settings to remove the image and stick with a text based format. There is no longer any strange graphical glitches on boot. This doesn’t necessarily solve the problem, but I’m not convinced it is actually a problem since I’m not having other issues.

I did see a video where someone flashed the UEFI version using a DOS bootable USB, but as far as the Gigabyte support site reads they want you to explicitly use Q-Flash. I don’t want to cause further issues so I opted to go with the most recent Q-Flashable version instead. Is this something I should try anyway? I would assume it could be ruled out to be a BIOS compatibility issue now as I was on F9, the user with the same issue as me was on F10 and I’m now on F12 and still saw the issue.