Connecting Apple Cinema to DVI MacBook Pro USB-C

Updated on 17-03-2021 in Adapters and Cables
1 on 16-03-2021

Trying to connect Apple Cinema (A1082)with DVI to a 2017 Mac Book Pro with UsbC

so ideally I need a DVI female to UsbC male.

i tried the Club D 1508 and it didn’t work, the screen flickered.

would the 1510 work?

will 2 x 1510 work with two screens, on the same Mac Book pro.


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0 on 17-03-2021

The CAC-1510 works with single link DVI and dual link DVI displays. Your MacBook Pro has four USB-C ports so you should be able to use 4 adapters (maximum two adapters per Thunderbolt controller which means two per side).

There are two versions of the CAC-1510:
1) CAC-1510 HDCP ON
2) CAC-1510-A HDCP OFF (for Apple displays that don’t support HDCP)

Does your A1082 support HDCP? Read here: #24 

If it does support HDCP, then it should work with either of the CAC-1510 adapters.

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