0db on r9 285 possible?

Updated on 14-03-2015 in R9 290 Series
2 on 12-03-2015

Is it possible to turn the fans off completely?

I’ve seen Asus do it with their Strix r9 285’s.

The club 3d cooler is quite good so I think it should be possible through software?

I’ve tried royalFlush, but there is a limit to how low the fan speed gets.


Thank you.

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1 on 13-03-2015

Unfortunately that is not possible. The fan lowest setting will be at 20% and you will need to set them manually.
If you are working on apps that are not very demanding you could use this setting but if you launch a game or use a heavy application remember that the manual control will not speed up the fan which in turn it can crash your system.

on 14-03-2015

Ok, thanks

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