1080/DP -> CAC-1010-A -> 144HZ -> VG248QE/DVI-DL

Updated on 16-06-2023 in Adapters and Cables
1 on 15-06-2023

Hi, I want to verify if I could use the CAC-1010-A to connect my 1080 to my DVI-DL Asus VG248QE using 1080P@144HZ.  And I mean a 144HZ connection.

Someone said it should work but the specs I found only write about 60HZ

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0 on 16-06-2023

What matters is the pixel clock, not the refresh rate. What does the timing info for the 144Hz mode look like in the EDID?

Dual Link DVI can do 2560×1600 60Hz (268 MHz).

Dual Link DVI can do up to 330 MHz. That should be enough to do 1920×1080 144Hz.

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