1170 with minimac fusion 2016

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Sorry for my English,
i have a new mac mini fusion and the CAC1170, but when i try to use on my TV 4K after use madrau.com, it does not work, or the screen is green, or tremble very much.
do you think is because i use the hdmi video for control on the same tv ?
i mean that i use a second entry hdmi for control   what i do.
But when i use the 1170 with my MacBook pro is work very well in 4k 60 hertz.
thank you for your answer.

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Hi Cabouret,
Well if it all works well on the MacBook Pro at least we know all the parts are working.
With regards to the Mini MAC, you amde a custom resolution for 3840x2160p at 60Hz with Timing standard set to CVT-Redeced Blanking (RB), saved it and then after rebooting system selected it with TV connected and on?
Will have support send you the checklist as well with some tips for MAC’s for your reference although you seem like a knowledgeable user …

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