1920×1200 support?

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3 on 24-07-2016

I have recently purchased the CSV-5300H in hopes that I could use my external monitors with my laptop. However, I cannot get it to work with my BenQ  FP241W monitor which supports 1920×1200 resolution. The other 1920×1080 resolution monitor works fine.

The problem I’m seeing, and this has been reproduced from 2 different Win10 machines (surface pro 4 and Lenovo T540p), is that the maximum available resolution is 1920×1080 and when this resolution is selected, it actually stretches beyond the screen. Also, the colors of the screen are a weird bright as if it cannot apply the proper color profile. I’ve tried adding a custom resolution and underscanning it to fit the monitor, but it remains very fussy. It makes no difference whether I have both monitors or only one connected to the hub, the behavior is the same.

Is the 1920×1200 not supported or do I have real issue?

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2 on 24-07-2016

Good day Clone1985,

Supported resoltuions are more dependent on the Bandwidth of your DP Ouput and system graphics, then on the MST Hub. I mean if the signal fits thru the DP Ouput the MST Hub won’t stop it …

on 24-07-2016

If I connect the monitor directly using a DVI cable and DVI to DP adapter (either active or passive) there is no problem. I don’t have a HDMI to DP adapter handy, so I cannot verify that this works at the moment. This does indicate to me that the MST hub causes the problem. Is there any reason to suspect that the HDMI connection would be problematic?

on 28-07-2016

Hi Clone 1985,

There is no real trick to it. If the Source system support MST Feature this should work and under WIN 10 the MST Feature is supported so that is not it. On a SP4 it is tested and Microsoft has also certified the CSV-5200 / CSV-5300A / CSV-5300H / CSV-5400 / CSV-3203 for use with their SP 2/3/4.
Please Disable all Energy Safe Modes your system and or screen might support.
Use passive cables to conenct your screens to the HUB since the HUB is already an Active device.
Please check for firmware update for the screens.

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