2 Multistream transport hubs from Nvidia M6000 via 4 display port cables + 1 4K monitor

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Anyone have more technical information about the bandwidth video capabilities of the multistream transport hub? We are trying to feed two Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors with four display port cables each sending 2K 60 hz over a twenty to thirty foot run. Hence the need for four display port cables. We also need a fifth monitor to run at 4K 60 hz. Each output needs to be synched at 4K 60hz. Is this possible with the transport hub.  The M6000 can only send fouyr outputs at one time.

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Hi Vortex4k,
The M6000 can only output 4 independent displays at 4K. Each DP 1.2 has a maximum bandwidth of 21.6Gbps. If you would split this into multiple signals, you will have to share this total bandwidth. For example, a DP 1.2 port can use a MST Hub 1-4 by using 4x 1080p displays.
Now for the cable length, you must use DP 1.2 spec cables to provide you the bandwidth required (not all DP cables are the same). In terms of length, the maximum is 5 meters of 16 feet, if you require longer cables you will have to find something more dedicated to fit your requirements.

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Thank you Paul! We are configuring a separate video card to run the fifth output, with 4 2K x 2K outputs coming out of the M6000. We hope that will do the trick to achieve the 2 4K @60hz signals we need.

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