3 Ultrawide monitor setup issue

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I recently purchased 3 LG 25″ ultrawide gaming monitors with 2xHDMI inputs only.  I can get two of these monitors to run at the default resolution of 2560×1080 at 60hz using one HDMI to HDMI cable and one active displayport adapter to HDMI.  The problem is that with my Radeon R370 video card the only choice I have left is the DVI ports.  This card does not support the 2560×1080 resolution with a DVI-D dual link to HDMI adapter, it only allows 1920×1080 resolution.  I have checked multiple forums on this issue and the only conclusion I have found is to replace my video cards (since I have two crossfire linked)  and this is to costly at this point.

My question is can I use a 2 port displayport hub to connect two monitors using the displayport on the video card and then two adapters from the hub to HDMI and still get 2560×1080 resolution and have the third monitor with the default HDMI to HDMI?

Having read the product page it seems possible since it says I can use passive adapters to run multiple displays but it is the 2560×1080 at 60hz that I am concerned with, will the hub be able to power the two displays at the above res and refresh rate when converting to HDMI from the hub?

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Hi Lancorith, yes you can!

The DP output on your card(s) supports two monitors in (up to) 2560x1600p at 60Hz when an MST Hub is used. Our CSV-5200 is a great solution. It enables you to connect the monitors via passive DP to HDMI (1.4) adapters.

Please note that we have not tested a setup like yours ourselves since the Ultrawide monitors, or 2560x1080p resolution is not very common. But dual 2560x1600p via the MST Hub does work.


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