4 monitors- only 3 show up

Updated on 23-04-2024 in USB Type C
2 on 11-04-2024

Trying to run 3 monitors and extend one of the monitors to a 4th (so 4 monitors total). 2 hdmi and 1 display port in one line on the back of the desktop (mini).

Added the USB Dual Monitor and hooked up one of the machines to it (no luck) and then two machines on the USB (still no luck).

I can see 3 monitors and not the 4th in either configuration.

Please check out my Loom video:


Wondering if anyone can offer any advice.



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0 on 11-04-2024

Thanks for the video, great explaining too.

What happens when you only use the CSV-1474? Does it still not find the monitor on the table?

What are the specs of the mini desktop? And the monitors (resolution and Hertz)?

Disconnect the DisplayPort to HDMI dongle too.

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