9+1 Display Configuration

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I need some help with setting up a 9+1 display configuration for a project.
I need the 9 in a 3×3 configuration and the 10th one to monitor the 3×3 grid as I’ll be using resolume or something, that doesn’t matter too much I don’t think.

Current Setup: i5 4670K, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070, Windows 7.

What I need to know is, can I use 3 triple Displayport MST hubs each from one of the display port outputs on the 1070 to go to the 9 displays individually? Or is there a different limiting factor? Would adding in another graphics card help deal with this? I have a spare GTX 770 but not sure if it’d work, thanks for any help and I can provide some extra information if you need it.

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Good day SmellySock999,

Sorry fo the late reply. Normally Graphics Card do not support  more than 6 screens, So connecting 3 x MST Hub with 3 outputs won’t enable you to connect more than those 6 screens. Yes it should be possibel to just place a second card, and it wouldbe even better if that would work on the same driver to prevent conflicts. With 2 cards in a system you should be able to go  up to connecting 12 screens.
With regards to Multi Monitor setups, with AMD Based cards this is normally a bit “easier” than with Nvidia Based cards, also because the driver already comes with Eyefinity Mulit Monitor software…

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This topic is closest to my question, so I’ll ask it here.

You said “normal graphics cards” – are there graphics cards that allow for more than 6, and would let me connect using the 4 splitter?

My plan was to buy a card like the NVIDIA M4000, split each of the DisplayPort 1.2 into 4, and connect 16 total displays. Then if I needed more, connect a second M4000 for 32 total.

Do you see any issue with this?


on 28-02-2017

Hi Jate,

With “normal graphics cards” i mean the ones sold in the distribution channel inteded for gaming and or normal office use. Professional graphics like Quadro cards often do not have limitations that the “normal graphics cards” have. Those limitation can also come from Operating System and driver software of course.
You can feed 4 screens in 1080p 60Hz of a single DP1.2 ouput, bandwidth wise that fits. I don’t think an operating system like Linux has any limitations with regards to the amount of screens connected. this leave the graphics card, but you shold check that with Nvidia, i have no experience with Quadro M4000 cards in such a setup.

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