A question about CSV-7200 limitations.

Updated on 28-06-2022 in MST Hub
0 on 28-06-2022

I am curious, can the CSV-7200 drive two monitors at 4k resolution, 10 bits per colour element and 60 Hz refresh rate?

I bought one off Amazon and it didn’t come with the CAC-1408 cable that the sales page and the box I received claimed it should and since Amazon only provided refund/return as a solution I am using the best I could find without spending the equivalent of the CAC-1408 price plus freight to power it, a cable with micro USB plug on one end and USB-C plug on the other and one monitor is restricted to 30Hz with 10bpc. Also a little disappointed that Freesync doesn’t work through it although that is a very minor gripe.

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