Active Displayport to DVI Dual Link Adapter causing monitor to go to sleep when alt+tab

Updated on 27-02-2024 in Adapters and Cables
2 on 08-08-2021

Hey all,

I have had this adapter for a while now. But I have only noticed recently (but not sure if it has only been recently or not) that when overwatch is in full screen and I alt+tab to go to my other screen and interact. The monitor that overwatch is meant to be on goes to sleep. If I tab back in, it stays asleep, it takes me having to use the shortcut to put the game into windowed mode and then back to full screen to wake it up. I am not sure why it is only overwatch and not other games. Is there anything that could be done to stop this from happening. I want to avoid borderless windowed mode. 

What could I do to help this?



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0 on 16-08-2021

If it is only with Overwatch and not with anything else, what makes you think the adapter makes your screen to sleep? Have you tried removing the adapter and plug in the screen directly and try to reproduce the issue?

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