asus r7 360 quad monitors setup

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Hello I am trying to setup quad monitors using r7 360
my expected set -dis this:

Display port -> 2x mst hub -> firing two monitors
dvi-d port -> one monitor
dvi-i port -> one monitor

total 4monitors

is this particular setup going to work? This setup is intended for non-gaming environment

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0 on 09-09-2015

Hello sklee203,

Our R7 360 (CGAX-R9326) has 1xHDMI+1xDP++1xDVI-I.
To connect 4 screens to our board you would need to “enable” the Eyefinity Feature.
You do that simply by using the DP output of the card. You need WIN Vista or newer.
Connecting the CSV-5200 which acts as an active device will enable you to use 2 screens that you can connect by using normal “passive” cable adapters. The other 2 screens should be connected thru HDMI and DVI. (Or when you were looking at a different brand Graphics Cards, which i cannot imagine 😉 it could be possible they have a version with 2 x DVI).
First make sure that in Windows settings the resolution and frequency is correct. Than go to Catalist and setup whatever yo wish to do.

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