Both Charge and Ethernet Cable

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Hi all

I have a question about USB. I have a tablet and i can use ethernet(wired Rj45) with adapter on my tablet. But i cant both charge and ethernet on USB. How can i do that.Thanks for replys.


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Hi Haycan07,

Sorry for the delay of this reaction.
What Tablet are we talking about (brand and Type) ?

We do have CSV-1530 Mini Dockings Stations that have a USB Type C uplink and a Ehternet + USB3.0 port + a USB Type C Connectir for Charging only …

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Hi MST1407 
I have Samsung Galaxytab 10″an as i say i want to use my tablets USB both power and ethernet. I saw device that developped by you and i view the properties of Sensivision USB Type C. I think this device supported only for Computer Windows or Apple OsX.

Thank you in advanve for your interest.


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I am sorry but i have no data on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10″ .
Online I could not find a Samsung Galaxy Tab with a USB Type C input … 
The normal USB 2.0 and / or 3.0 would normally not support both charging and Ethernet at the same time.
With USB Type C, it is possible however depedning on th technologies the manufacturer places behind the USB Type C  connector.

on 06-01-2017

Thanks for everthing about all information. I should get another way to solve this issue.

Actually i find a new device that related this both power and ethernet. Here:

I ordered them.I will try that is it working or not ?

Huseyin AYCAN
Electrical and Electroncis Engineer


on 09-01-2017

i am interested in the outcome …

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