CAC-1002 Club 3D Display Port to VGA Active adapter can do 100hz ?

Updated on 02-02-2015 in Adapters and Cables
1 on 01-02-2015

Can it convert to 1600×1200@100hz or what is the DAC and bandwidth in this adapter ?
It’s pricy compared to other cheap adapters but if it can’t do higher resolutions and refresh rates, why so expensive ?.

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0 on 02-02-2015

Dear Haka,
The adapter is active that is why is a bit expensive due to the conversion from digital to analog.
The max resolution supported by this adapter is the following;
1920 px, 1200 px, 60 Hz, 24 bit (32bit), aspect ratio 1.60, 3.32 Gbit/s.
3.70 Gbit/s, CVT-R, 4.62 Gbit/s TMDS, Pixelclock 154.011 MHz.
3.55 Gbit/s, CVT-R2, 4.44 Gbit/s TMDS, Pixelclock 148.087 MHz.
Your request;
1600 px, 1200 px, 100 Hz, 24 bit (32bit), aspect ratio 1.33, 4.61 Gbit/s.
5.31 Gbit/s, CVT-R, 6.64 Gbit/s TMDS, Pixelclock 221.384 MHz.
5.07 Gbit/s, CVT-R2, 6.34 Gbit/s TMDS, Pixelclock 211.321 MHz.
It far exceeds the bandwidth so it will not be supported.

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