CAC-1010-A DP-DVI Adapter for Apple Cinema Display – Screen remains black

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5 on 06-10-2022

Hello together, I was trying to get my Mac’s Apple Cinema Display to work using a CAC-1010-A DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI-D HDCP Off Adapter.
The problem is that the monitor remains black (though it is visibly on since it has a backlight and in fact after a few seconds I can see very faint, multicoloured vertical streaks across the screen.

To make troubleshooting easier, here’s what the overall conditions are:
– The monitor itself works, at least it has just 2 days ago when I used a similar adapter which did display the screen adequately but wasn’t able to make full use of the resolutions otherwise available (that’s why I upgraded to the cable named above in the first place, since it’s specifically designed for the high resolutions of Apple Cinema Display)
– I’ve tried every available DP and USB port necessary for plugging the monitor in, I even tried out of desperation to us a power socket using a phone charger with an USB port to rule out power issues.
– I’ll try to find out the model of the graphic card if that helps, but since the screen is unresponsive I’ll need to find a workaround to access that information.

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4 on 10-10-2022

Would you be able to test the monitor without the adapter?


on 10-10-2022

The monitor itself worked fine days before on another older Mac which didn’t require an adapter, it also worked on the current Mac (albeit at a very unflattering resolution) with the single-link adapter I tried using before.

I am willing to test it another time but I’d be very surprised if the monitor just broke down in the two days it took for the adapter to arrive.

Also, I asked a vendor of a local electronics shop for advice and he told me something about how the voltage may be mismatched due to the new cable not being powered enough by the older architecture of the Mac, but from another reliable source I heard that’s bogus because all the voltages and jacks/plugs are standardised, so I’m definitely stumped at this point.

on 10-10-2022

The local vendor is incorrect and your source is correct.

Could you try and reach out to [email protected] there could be an issue where the firmware is not loaded correctly.

on 10-10-2022

Thanks a lot for your advice, I’ll try my luck with the support!

on 11-10-2022

This recommendation was right on the money: In case anyone else has this problem: I made a mistake apparently by getting the version of the adapter which is designed for HCDP Off, but the excellent support at club-3d was able to provide me with means to change the firmware of the adapter on the fly so I didn’t have to return and replace my wrong purchase. Either way, the monitor now displays exactly as it should.

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