CAC-1010 always jumps back to 59hz!

Updated on 22-04-2020 in Adapters and Cables
1 on 21-04-2020

The CAC-1010 just arrived a few hours ago. I connected the Adapter with my graphics cards (RX 5700XT) display port output and put the usb cable in the computer. i connected the adapter and monitor (BenQ XL2411Z) with a DVI-D Dual Link cable. Everything works accept when i try to set 120hz or 144hz in windows, it always go´s back to 59hz when i press apply. 

I dont understand what the problem is. I already tried alot. 

I hope you can help me out, because i payed 47€ for this adapter.

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0 on 22-04-2020


how do you setup the monitor are you using windows its own software? use the AMD software to determine the output to the monitor.

Perhaps you could also share what you have tried this would help to allocate the problem.

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