CAC-1010 and 2 Dell 3007WFP-HC monitors. 1 works, 1 doesn’t

Updated on 23-04-2024 in Adapters and Cables
2 on 06-04-2024

As the title says. I have a machine and have two Dell 3007WFP-HC monitors hooked up to it. One of them works with the CAC-1010 just fine. 2560X1600 no problem. The other one only gives 1280X800 and if I force it to 2560X1600 I get multicolored lines running down the screen. The one that doesn’t work with the CAC-1010 works fine hooked up with a DVI cable to the video card and even works with that connection while the other is hooked up by DP with the adaptor. Video card is a Quadro P5000.


Any ideas?

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0 on 08-04-2024

Does the adapter, that gives the lines running, work on it is own?

Do you stack them on top of each other? I feel there is interference going on here.

Try to connect the USB-A to two different USB headers. With this I mean, separate the 2 USB as much as possible.

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