CAC-1010 DP to DVI-D HDCP-ON – Losing Contact Issue

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Recently I’ve upgraded my GPU but since my BenQ XL2411 only has a DVI port and it’s HDMI port does not support more than 60HZ, I had to get this adapter to be able to utilize my 144HZ.

Everything works as expected for the most time as well, but sometimes there are some weird issues.

First of all, even though my DVI cable is plugged into the adapter and screwed in tightly, small movement makes a few RGB pixels appear jumping randomly over the screen. Not extreme, you barely even notice them – but this definitely is issue number one. Moving the cable around a bit (even though it really doesnt move) makes them disappear at some point.

Then issue number two comes into play, sometimes completely out of nowhere the monitor just goes black.. like it turns into standby. Then it turns on again, takes a while to jump into 144HZ mode and MAYBE it then actually goes to a picture, or maybe it doesnt, repeating the on-off cycle indefinitely.

Unplugging and re-plugging any cable usually fixes the issue.

Is this a known problem or did I somehow get a faulty adapter? This also does not seem to be related to powerspikes or similar since I’ve been having this issue on the plain desktop quite often while sometimes when playing something like Cyberpunk2077 nothing happens at all. Most likely some of my cables move some of the adapters cables when using my headset or mouse, and this leads to the issues happening since there is a loose-contact situation going on or something?

Any input would be appreciated!

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0 on 11-10-2022

Sounds like the USB you connect the adapter too is shutting down. Could you play around with those settings?

I suggest to go to Device Manager and under USB – you could try disabling the USB Power Management Setting

Also I suggest to Uninstall/ or disable USB Devices that are not longer used.

Note that USB devices will always be installed when needed but they need to be manually uninstalled or disable to avoid conflicts.

Try to have the USB-power from the adapter completely solo on the power source, not that there are 4 other USB devices connected close to it.

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0 on 13-10-2022

Hey, super sorry for the late reply! I’ve disabled the USB option you’ve mentioned and am going to have to find out over time if that solves the issue.

I’ve tried to change the USB ports beforehand as well but to no success sadly. We’ll see now if this works however.


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1 on 25-10-2022

And I’m back.

For quite some time it seemed to have fixed the issue completely. Up until like 2 days ago i’ve never had a single monitor turn-off again.

But then it started to happen again which is extremely weird. Have not changed anything, have not touched the cables or similar.

This highly confuses me now as I thought this would have been the perpetrator to the issue.. Sadly it’s apparently not :/

Any other ideas? Or any ideas why it seemed to have been fixed and now is not?

on 26-10-2022

Best to try and contact [email protected] in this case, they might be able to provide you with a firmware update.

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