CAC-1051 Display Port to DVI Dual Link seems not working at all with 3D Nvidia Vision

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Hi, I just bought the Club3D Display Port to DVI Dual Link Active Adapter Converter (CAC-1051) but it does not seem working as it should do with 3D Vision compatible monitors.
My Gpu is Nvidia 980m Gtx (on my laptop) and it works correctly with Nvidia 3D Vision using the HDMI output, but the resolution with HDMI cable is only 720 at 120Hz. That’s why I bought the Club3D Display Port to DVI Dual Link, to play with a resolution of 1080 at 120Hz using my Display Port 1.2 output.

I tested this CAC-1051 with two different monitors 3D Vison compatible but the result is the same. When I turn on the 3D, one monitor (ASUS VG278H) says that I have to use a DVI Dual Link Cable (that already I’m using) or it says OUT OF RANGE signal and keep flickering black; the other monitor (Acer GD245HQ) try to enable 3D signal for glasses but the image result totally wrong and is very unstable. Tried both 720 and 1080 rsolutions, different cables and usb power supplies for this adapter but nothing changed the situation.
Could anybody help me please?
Is this adapter broken?

Thanks for help.

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answered over email by [email protected]

on 03-04-2019


I’m really intrested about your answer.

I’m in same case as twiggyash with a monitor ASUS VG278H and it doing exactly same things.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards.

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