CAC-1051 screen-flicking and shifting (DP to DVI-DL active adapter)

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3 on 15-08-2017

Hi I have a CAC-1051 for some weeks now. It is connected in this way:

Quardro M4000 DP => CAC-1051 => DVI-DL cable to HP ZR2740w

DP-6 connected primary 2560×1440+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 597mm x 336mm
2560×1440 59.95*+
1280×720 59.86

However after using the adapter for about an hour, the screen begins to flick in and out to black and then shifts to the left or right. where the image is over-scanned. It usally happens every 10 toi 30mins for about 10mins at a time. If I cycle the monitor or the adapter power. The image is restored.
It gets really frustrating after some time, I know the monitor is not at fault because connecting directly with DP it’s fine. However my setup is that I connect my laptop over mini-DP to DP and the DVI-DL port on the monitor is connected to the workstation on the Quadro M4000.

Is anyone else using it in this setup? and seeing the same issues?

The issue is the same in the reviews here

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0 on 16-08-2017

Good day grealish,
Sorry to hear this. Lets try to fix this by updating the firmware of the adapter, you cna find the files here:

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1 on 19-08-2017

Thank for the quick reply. I just downloaded the update package, however it requires windows, is there any linux tools available to flash the device with?

on 21-08-2017

Hi gealish, very sorry but we have no other updater program available 🙁

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