CAC-1070 doesn’t support 23.97 rate

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I have CAC-1070 rev A1-00 FW 7.1E 1613 connected to Nvidia GTX1060 DP and Full-HD TV HDMI

TV supports many refresh rates, incl. 60 and 23.97

When TV is set to 60Hz — CAC-1070 plays 60 fps video with no visual problems.

When TV is set to 23.97Hz — there’s a problem playing 23.97 fps videos. I could describe it as “vertical tearing”: the picture’s left edge (rather wide one, maybe 1/5th of total width) is shown on the _right_ side of the screen. In other words, the picture looks like shifted to the left and “looped”. When playback ends — the screen stays shifted until TV is set to 60Hz and a 60 fps video is played.

I didn’t have time to check other fps-rate pairs (like 29,97 or 24) yet.
I didn’t check mismatching pairs (like 23.97 fps video on 60Hz TV) because using pull-down, telecine, etc. is the very thing I try to avoid.
I tried other DP-HDMI active adapter — everything works Ok with it.


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2 on 13-02-2017

Hi Alnash,

I will ask [email protected] to send you a firmware update

on 13-02-2017

Got the FW update, thanks!
BTW, do you have updater for Linux?

on 14-02-2017

Hi alnash,

No sorry, update will need to be done on windows machine … sorry about that.

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