CAC 1070 dont work after many trys.

Updated on 16-06-2016 in Adapters and Cables
0 on 16-06-2016

Good morning,

Well, I cant really to make this adapter CAC 1070 work properly On my Philips 6300 (4k-10bitcolor), I follow all the instructions so far and still stuck on 3840×2160 30hz. I changed the cable for an expensive 18gbps 2.0 version, latest Beta AMD W7000 FIREPRO driver, Custom resolution difined to 3840×2160 60hz CVT -Reduced Blanking (using the “VERIFY” option on driver to check,-black screen), 8 bits (on the “PROPERTIES DIGITAL FLAT PANELS – Preferred Color Depth – only on TV philips), And dont work.

I cant to check/update the firmware either, even following exactly the instructions of Club support.

Please I taking too much time to solve this issue, seens that a LOT of people was getting almost the same problem.

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