CAC-1070 FW 7.1E producing blank screen / no input on Vizio M43-C1

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3 on 03-05-2016

Hello, All!

Having the issue mentioned above, at 30hz and 60hz. Basically, any time I switch over to 4k.  Connecting to an R9 290.  I have a DP to HDMI adapter that works at 30hz, and the HDMI outputs at 30hz.

White sticker on the line reads:

FW: 7.1E


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1 on 04-05-2016

Changed the bit depth to 8, and am now able to get 4k @ 30hz.  No luck with 60hz yet, though…. Still poking…

on 04-05-2016

Hi Starboyk, thank you for joining our forum! 

Unfortunately the Vizio TV’s are picky eaters when it comes to our CAC-1070 adapters. Fortunately we do have quite some users who have been busy trouble shooting and it seems this forum user was able to get his Vizio M43-C1 working. Please check this thread for info:

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0 on 04-05-2016

Thanks! received an email from support with the firmware update.  Did as directed; works smashingly now.


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