CAC-1070 on r9 290 no 10 bit color?

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I have a r9 290 gpu with the cac-1070 going to a tcl 55in 4k tv. The adapter works great out of the box with a new hdmi 2.0 cable, but the problem I’m having is setting it to 10bit so I can watch HDR content on my pc. Under the radeon settings, under display, I try to select 10 bit from the menu but all that happens is that the screen goes blank for a second and the drop down reverts to 8 bit. I’m on version 17.7.2 – is this a physical limitation of my card or a driver setting/problem? Thanks for the info.

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Good day Drewbdoo,
The CAC-1070 does not support HDR.
The fact that you cannot run that resolution in 10 bit is most probably a bandwidth issue…
Here’s what is supported by the adapter:

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