CAC 1070 Samsung TV Signal keeps on-off‏

Updated on 22-01-2016 in Adapters and Cables
1 on 20-01-2016

I have a CAC-1070 adapter. and  a Samsung HU 6900 TV.
However when using the adapter the TV goes dark every few seconds (like it turns the screen off momentarily).

I read in the forum that i just need an Firmware Update, which i get through Email from you. Can you help pls ?
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0 on 22-01-2016

Hi Viktor,

Sorry for the delay, but we have had some issues here internally with the connection.

With some TV’s you need to set the Ultra HD Color to “enabled” manually in the setting of the TV for that HDMI2.0 port.
Please set the color depth to 8bpp / 10 bpp in your pc system.
Please do make sure to use an HDMI cable that has capacity to do 18Gbps (or HDMI2.0).
(like our CAC-1310; )

If you would still need the firmware update please send us an email at [email protected]

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